Heading offline

So to save me answering a whole bunch of questions and to enable me to slip away quietly from Facebook et al., consider this a mini FAQ

Depression. You never believe it's gonna happen to you. Then you wake up one morning, begrudgingly, and wonder why you did. Nothing motivates you, none of your old passions (such as Atari demos, making music, cooking, drawing for example) interest you any more. You go into a state of functional automation, ticking the work-and-back-again boxes that society needs you to tick. On the inside, where nobody else can see it, you're introspecting hard. You pull every fibre of your being into stopping yourself from crying because you're supposed to be the strong one that every one else looks too. Besides, colleagues would just find it weird.

So yeah, I'm unplugging. I started writing some new melodies this morning, which I'm taking as a sign that my interests and hobbies aren't completely dead, just a little dormant. I'll get my C64 working over coming months and start exploring that. I'm signing up for the gym tonight, I've been eating healthier this last week. I've not had alcohol since 12:22pm on Weds 28th Dec 2016. Fighting hard to beat this, for the sake of those closest to me in person. Online friends are great, but I need to focus on the offline ones for a while

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Rob, 30th December 2016